My Attempt at a Poetic Prayer (still very heartfelt)

the everlasting God
and My Heavenly Father,
who holds creation in his hands
and who, in His infinite wisdom and love
gives me new me new mercy each morning
and even hands me each and every breath I take.

You know the pain I am going through-
the agony that my own sin,
and the world’s sin
emotional and
physical turmoil
that has me questioning life and death daily.

Please help me to love as I’m transformed, healed and propelled by your love.
Please take away all the sugar cravings, or help me to control my eating.
Please heal me, or help me to accept that my healing is yet to come.
Please take away the pain, or help me to deal with it better.
Please give me the strength to thrive in every moment.
Please help me learn something new every day –
something about you or your creation.

I cannot live without you,
I love and I need you.
Your broken child,
Alexandra Ellen.

“Pain Poem”

feeling trapped
completely hopless

 My eyes open,
I feel the ache
and when they close,
I’ve had no break.
It takes control, I try to fight
but the exhaustion , with its might
     brings me down

 …but I’ll try to overcome
but I won’t let it win

I’ll take courage and I’ll accept
these will be my first steps
as I do my best to learn
and my old life,
                        no longer mourned.

So, this is what I’ll do
relax and meditate,
pacing while I exercise.
I’ll stretch my muscles and my mind –
with courage
                  not fear
So, amongst the pain and struggle,
thankful I’ll still be
for the grace and endless mercies
my Lord has given me.

And as I wander slowly
through a world tainted by sin,
I’m now hopeful for what is to come:
the perfect healing heaven brings.

                                                                                    November 2013