I’ll Endure Until I’m Cured

This is step six in the grow program: I’ll endure until I’m cured.

I will persevere and I will fight. When I feel I can no longer withstand the discomfort and pain I can turn to my sisters to give me strength until I can see a glimpse of hope again.

I can hold onto God’s promise that says one day I will be healed completely. I will have a beautiful, disease free body. So, even if there may be no cure (for me: endo, PCOS or depression) in my lifetime, I know one day I will be completely cured from all that hurts me today.

Stop the Guilt

So, I woke up at 12:15pm. I don’t start work until 4pm. I am in pain.

Even though I could have gone back to sleep, my guilt got me out of bed. Now I’m up and in more pain. Too much pain to do any real work and to write any more in this blog. But will someone please take the guilt (of doing nothing) away?

Gluten Free

I’ve been gluten free for 3 weeks now, no change in the pain unfortunately.

This change in my diet is horrible, I miss soft, delicious fresh bread and the pink cupcake from my favourite cafe. Now, inevitable, which I have been avoiding has some – losing the dairy! Chocolate, ice-cream, hot chocolate and Irish Breakfast tea with a dash of skim milk – gone. I am amazed at myself for getting through my first day. An “everything free” packet chocolate cake will be one of my closest and most expensive friend, me thinks.

Eventually I will lose soy. sigh. Normal medicine hasn’t worked, so giving natropathy a try. Endometriosis and PCOS really has infiltrated its way into every part of my life – not even the food I eat is free from it.

Has anyone else with endo/PCOS found it helpful? Not just changing to an eliminated diet, but also herb/vitamin supplements?

And to leave on a positive note: I have found love and relaxation in The Mentalist and Boston Legal 🙂