Musical #9: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Musical #9: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown with a dear friend! All I can say is, Hayes Theatre Company, you’ve done it again! An intimate and simple production that showcases the brilliance and talent that is Aussie Theatre. This show, traditionally for children, is still ridiculously entertaining for adults. Each character was embodied impeccably, taking me back to my childhood, amused at how Peanuts is still relevant as a social commentary. Cue the song and dance, cue the non-stop laughter, cue the applause and cue the intermission entertainment where a guy in the front row threw Nobby’s Peanuts onto the stage and stormed out of the theatre. If you love Australian, independent musical theatre; this isn’t one to miss!

Check out Laura Murphy and Nat Job perform ‘My New Philosophy’ on YouTube.

Its finally happening!! 5 years of waiting and finally splurged 😀 😀 #holidayinsta #steroetypicalinsta #wicked # capitoltheatre #musicaltheatrejunkie #ilovelucydurak