Good Friday

What an honour it is to celebrate that the Son of Most High God, who is the creator of the entire universe was;



broken and torn,

falsely accused and charged,




crowned with thorns,

spat on,

stripped naked,

nailed to a cross of wood,

separated from His Father and

given the weight and burden of sin,

yet remained silent to change the course of history forever.

You saw it here first! What a sweet love note my roomie (@growing4eva) left me ❤ where is the love? on my fridge #lovenote #bestroomieever #itmustbelovelovelove #itisaword

I had lovely morning before the endo cramps kicked in. Its so nice to be part of a holiday kids club again with my sister to another mister! #asheepishchristmas #PUC #itmustbelovelovelove #ministry #JesusSaves

Last show with my gorgeous co-star and make-up artist 😦 #BallinaPlayers #iminaplay #itmustbelovelovelove #cantbelieveyourgoingtoeuropewithoutme (at Ballina Players Theatre)