Gluten Free

I’ve been gluten free for 3 weeks now, no change in the pain unfortunately.

This change in my diet is horrible, I miss soft, delicious fresh bread and the pink cupcake from my favourite cafe. Now, inevitable, which I have been avoiding has some – losing the dairy! Chocolate, ice-cream, hot chocolate and Irish Breakfast tea with a dash of skim milk – gone. I am amazed at myself for getting through my first day. An “everything free” packet chocolate cake will be one of my closest and most expensive friend, me thinks.

Eventually I will lose soy. sigh. Normal medicine hasn’t worked, so giving natropathy a try. Endometriosis and PCOS really has infiltrated its way into every part of my life – not even the food I eat is free from it.

Has anyone else with endo/PCOS found it helpful? Not just changing to an eliminated diet, but also herb/vitamin supplements?

And to leave on a positive note: I have found love and relaxation in The Mentalist and Boston Legal 🙂