Ghost: The Musical

Musical number 5, #ghostthemusical! All the feels. All the laughs. All the love. All the tears – so many tears. I’m not usually a romantic, but @jemmarix_oz & @robmillsymills are the perfect pair and as usual, gave a flawless performance ❤ Thankyou to the cast and crew of @ghostmusicalau for an endearing, wonderful and moving show, with a pinch of crazy (which I love)!… I’ve also found an advantage to going alone to the theatre: half price tickets for single seats!

#bargain #ayearofmusicals #ticketmaster #allthefeels #threelittlewords #ghostthemusicalau (at Theatre Royal, Sydney)

Winter clothes shopping done! I might actually wear more than my flanno and hoodie this season. $234.65 worth of clothes for $108. That’s right, saved $126.65 – 54% off! Bargain is definitely my middle name! Get it? Alexandra “Bargain Hunter”! Loving my surname… and cheap clothes.

I wont let the fact they are all a size 22 upset me today!