Aladdin #14

Musical #14 is #Aladdin in the Royal Box at Capitol Theratre! What a magical and enchanting show! It certainly lived up to the hype with the unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings! My first wish to see it a second time was answered by Genie Disney and I‘m looking forward to it’s visit to Brissy next year! Did the crazy talent, flying carpet, comedic characters, soaring heroes, famous love ballads, endless diamond skies, sets, lighting, dancing, singing, non-stop laughter, bromance, romance and sequence that took me to the the most glitzy and glamorous fictional city in the world make up for the shallow plot – yes, yes it did! Thank you @aladdininaus for a fantastic Arabian, laughter filled night! For 2 hours I was taken to a whole new world, a million miles away and the smiles didn’t stop for a second!

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