I am grateful for my wonderful, friendly and empathetic chiropractor – I highly recommended Aline from The Family Chiropractic Clinic in Padstow. Day 75 #365daysofgratitude #365grateful #chiropractic #catchup (at Padstow Chiropractic Centre)

It was my last day at church on the 29th of Dec. I am thankful for four amazing years under the leadership of two very godly mentors and the many wonderful friendships that were made. This season ends and another one begins. #365daysofgratitude #365grateful (at St John’s Anglican Church Padstow)

I am grateful for vouchers that mean we could have a cheap and fancy date (which I am also thankful for). Day 70 #365daysofgratitude #365grateful #DateNight #Goldclass #Lindt (at eVent Cinemas Gold Class)

I am grateful for the many friends who love me, despite my dirty kitchen, and who help me clean it when I can’t. Day 73 #365daysofgratitude. #365grateful #bestfriends… That includes you @jusleeruth!

I am thankful for all the lovely kids and mums I got to know at Playtime and for an awesome Jesus focused Christmas party. Day 42 #365daysofgratitude #365grateful #PlaygroupCrafts #catchup #ChristmasisaboutJesus (at St John’s Anglican Church Padstow)

I am grateful that I could perform at the scripture assemblies in Padstow, sharing the gospel – what an honour and blessing it is to teach SRE in schools! Also thankful that my altar-ego could join – ROXY! Day 41 #365daysofgratitude #365grateful #SREinschools #ChristmasisaboutJesus (at St John’s Anglican Church Padstow)

I am very grateful for four years at Kids Plus, meeting some amazing kiddlets and partnering with Tony and Amanda. This trophie was such a kind farewell gift. Also thankful for sharing fondue with Amanda to celebrate another year of friendship and ministry. Day 36 #365daysofgratitude #365grateful (at St John’s Anglican Church Padstow)

So incredibly grateful to see two wonderful musicals! Praise God for discount tickets and competition winning! I even dragged hubby and he enjoyed them both – miracles happen! Day 45 #365 #365grateful #drsaustralia #theatreroyal #capitoltheatre #lionkingsydney #winning @drsaustralia
(ps. I have catching up to do… Excuse the eratic posting to come) (at Capitol Theatre)

I am grateful for my coffee date with my dear friend and sister in Christ, Cush ❤ Day 35 #365daysofgratitude #365grateful #friendship

I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to teach scripture this year, a good final lesson and the lovely Christmas card one of my girls gave me! 🙂 Day 33 #365daysofgratitude #365grateful