1 John 5:11

This is my testimony and my source of hope – eternal life through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. #eternallife #1john511 #streetart #bibleverse (photo taken in Melbourne)

One Way: Jesus

…you’re the only one that I could live for. In troubled times it’s you I seek, because you’re the only one I need. I look to you and you are always there.

Photo taken in Melbourne was I was scouring the streets for street art, 2015.

#Jesus #oneway #grace #faith #love #john146

House Conference

“I am a great sinner and God is an even greater saviour.” Reflecting on ‘sin,’ our broken relationship with God, and how powerful Jesus’ love, forgiveness and victory is at #house16. In Jesus we have joy, unity and peace! #psalm122 (at Youthworks Conference Centres Port Hacking)


They said, “He saved others; let him save himself if he is God’s Messiah, the Chosen One…If you are the king of the Jews, save youself.” Luke 23:35& 37 #irony

NextGen Notes

We are all ready to present out studies, talks and programs tomorrow on Mark 15:1-15 & Genesis 41. We are leaving tomorrow with a greater understanding of how God preserved his family to keep His promises and how the Old Testament continually points to Jesus! #NextGen16 #BiblicalTheology #trainedandtransformed (at KCC Conference Centre)

Fervr Fever

I love @fervr_net!! It’s like a great shop window – the website’s user friendly design, engaging articles, videos and activies are the attention grabbing and appealing window dressing that displays the promenant (and amazing) product, discipling youth through Gods word. It has so many idea’s to help me in #youthministry and a fantastic place to send the teens to for their own research! #FacesOfFervr #NextGen16 (at Katoomba Christian Convention Auditorium)

NextGen Day 2

The more we dig into Gods word the more evident his sovereignty becomes. We enjoyed a puppet demonstration, social time with our strabd groups (some of us headed into town) and relaxed with some card games 🙂 #NextGen16 (at KCC Conference Centre)

NextGen Roadtrip

We arrived safe in Katoomba 15 hours later. We had breakfast in Ballina, saw dolphins in the river, played corny car games and made our own dough shapes while we waited for our delicious pizza to cook! Ready for a week of training and hearing God’s word! #katoomba #roadtrip #NextGen16 (at Katoomba, New South Wales)