The Who

Alexandra; protector and defender of mankind. Ellen; bright Light.

Dearly loved child of God, Bible believing follower of Jesus, empowered by His Spirit.
Youth Minister.
Part-time student: MA(Min).
Trucking through life with Dythsymia, Endometriosis, PCOS and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
Born in Sydney, raised in Wollongbar and living in Brisbane.
I am a quirky, eccentric & creative extrovert.
Best quality: keeping it real & being honest about reality.
Worst quality: keeping it real & being honest about reality.
Drama queen.
Favourite word: “Uterus.”
I love black, there needs to be more black in the world, oh and pink! We also need more pink.
I get an unhealthy thrill by making people feel uncomfortable in awkward social situations.
I also love performing, photography, stand up comedy and theatre – especially musical theatre.
Mediocre guitar player who can keep a tune.
Self-diagnosed chocoholic.
Reality TV Junkie. One day I WILL be a reality TV star!
Most people call me a fussy eater – but really, I’m just simple.
Love languages: quality time and acts of service. Feel free to come clean my room anytime.
I have multiple personalities, you never know who you’re going to get.