Fun Fact: Hospital Disharge

‘Fun’ Fact: when you are discharged from hospital, they don’t expect you to leave “well” and ready to fully engage in normal life, as it was before you were unwell. They wait until you’ve made a change in direction, lasting a few days to show you’re moving toward wellness.

I was so surprised when my Psychiatrist told me that’s how it is. So, I leave the psychiatric hospital, returning home tomorrow and I am excited, thrilled and a little bit apprehensive. I’m feeling better than I was 5 weeks ago, but I am not where you may expect me to be in my recovery – I am not yet “well.” The real test will see how I am going in 6 months time.

If someone you love is being discharged from hospital, they need your love and support to adjust back into life, slowly. Realise they’ve just left a safe, regulated environment, where they didn’t have to cook, clean or work. Leaving can be scary.

So maybe offer to clean their toilet, cook a meal, do some dishes, a load of washing or bring over some groceries. Be a legend.

Remember there will be more good days than before, but don’t be surprised when their are bad ones. Remember that and be a legend.

Be patient, be kind, be empathetic, be thoughtful, be compassionate – show love and genuine care. Be a legend! It will be worth it as you see your loved one become more and more ‘themselves’ again.

So, please, be a legend and lower your expectations. They’re still ‘getting better,’ just in a different environment, at home, hopefully with lots of love.

5 thoughts on “Fun Fact: Hospital Disharge

  1. NicolaLeoshine (@NicolaLeoshine) says:

    Institutions exist to regulate the chaos of being human. Hospitals, Jails, and Universities share this task. Leaving any of them means re entering the current of chaos with a few tools and systems for creating our own personal ‘institution’ to regulate our own humanness, and our contact with other humans’ chaos.
    I greatly admire you, Alexandra Ellen. Your courage to be in the current is inspiring! (I’d like to wrap myself in Holy Cotton Wool and hide) I look forward to further updates throughout your journey.


  2. Grace says:

    Glad to read your going home darling and indeed moving into wellness.
    God bless you Alex.
    Love Grace
    (Alex’s mum) from 2017
    Am doing well, our God is good!
    Just got back from Colour Conference in Sydney- Awesome time


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