The Annie Chronicles

For those of you who were wondering why I own a uterus-teddy, thank you for asking! Yes, she freaks some people out but more than anything else, she sends eye rolls right in my direction.


Meet Annie, my adorable, pink, fluffy uterus and follow our adventures!

People should know that eye rolls and awkwardness only fuelsmy quirkiness… but as fun as it is seeing people react to my plush friend, Annie is a symbol of something greater.

She is a psychological tool to help me associate my ‘uterus’ with kindness and appreciation, rather than the hatred I’ve felt for many years. Hating your body can be toxic and psychologically damaging, but by the grace of God, Annie has really helped me to accept my body the way it is, disease and all.

For those wondering why I called her Annie, thank you for asking! As a hormone treatment to manage the Endo and PCOS, I am taking a progesterone pill called Visanne… if you missed it, Visanne, just with an ‘i’ to make it cuter.

Annie also reminds me to not feel ashamed of my illness and to keep fighting to break stigma. As a Christian and a 25 year old Australian woman I am often mortified, shocked and appalled at the ignorance and arrogance in our society. Our culture oozes with hypocritical judgement and thoughtlessness that only turns into pain which shatters a world that is already deeply fractured. In the realm of ignorance there is often little room for genuine compassion and helpful encouragement. I encourage anyone who has a friend with Chronic Illness to stop being ignorant and support the people you love by listening, researching and learn.

Annie has helped me normalise conversations on women’s health, particularly regarding Endometriosis and PCOS, diseases that can infiltrate every other area of your life: the rest of your body, relationships, work, mental health and your sense of self.

If you’re looking for your own plush organ, you can head over to i heart guts!

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