Endo Bloat

So, in the last 3 months I’ve lost 11kgs. The doctors have been telling me for years that losing weight would make me feel much better. In a way they were right, it does feel nice putting on clothes that are now too big. It’s nice looking at my body and seeing that it’s smaller… but it’s made me feel worse about my endo.

11kgs ago, sure, I’d feel nauseous and bloated, but now I can SEE the bloat and can feel how swollen it is when I push on my tummy. Wearing pants and a seatbelt makes it worse. I didn’t realise I could feel more uncomfortable. It is actually really distressing.

I think I would almost rather be fat.

6 thoughts on “Endo Bloat

  1. paininthemum says:

    I’m sat here with a belly like a basketball feeling your pain! Well done for shifting some weight and feeling the achievement of that. One thing I would say is that every time I lose weight I get more endo symptoms. Don’t know why, other than perhaps it is the way I chose to diet that caused the problem. I found following the endo diet really helped reduce the bloating for me. The problem is that it is so difficult to stick to, especially when that isn’t the only thing going on.
    I guess the other thing to remember is that endo bloat does go down, so even if you feel bad for a bit, there will be other times that you feel great again and that sense of achievement floods back. There’s the optimist in me speaking 🙂


    • AlexandraEllen says:

      Thank you heaps! That is super encouraging to hear… I am working towards the Endo Diet, but I need to make sure I set myself up for success with it, so doing a lot of practice and planning before I can do it fully.


  2. paininthemum says:

    Good luck with it. Even if you can’t stick to cutting out everything, even just one less irritant can really help. I found gluten to be really bad for my bloating. Cut that out and I lost two dress sizes over a few days – not because of weight loss, just bloating! You are right to do lots of planning before getting started. Good luck and I hope it helps you.


  3. starkinsanity says:

    Dude, we are there and have been since May. We found a photo of our body just before the pain got intolerable and we have a huge, swollen belly. It does go up and down, but I totally get it. I can’t wear jeans or anything tight, when I was allowed to drive I had to drive with a cushion over my stomach…
    Big hugs x


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