“When do you write and why?”

I write when I am overwhelmed with emotion. I often find myself burdened with depression, anger, disappointment, frustration, anxiety and physical pain. I suffer from severe, chronic pelvic pain caused by a medical condition called endometriosis. I also battle a complex mood disorder and have since I was a child. As such, emotions have been my main inspiration for creative writing since childhood. My feelings manifest within, as images and phrases; they then translate into lyrics, poetry or dramatic dialogue. It has helped me conquer self-harm and suicide. So, throughout my life creative writing has become one of my closest companions and a best friend to my physical and mental illnesses. I also write when I am filled with joy, sadly however, this doesn’t happen often. Essentially, I write when I am feeling emotional as it helps me cope with life by expressing, exploring and escaping my often overwhelming and painful reality.

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