What a waste!

So, I went to my surgeon to get some questions answered. He wouldn’t quickly reply to my e-mail, so I had to go in. 15 minutes and $140 later I was left with no hope at all, just a script for an injection called Zoladex, or Goserelin. Now, Goserelin is used in men to treat prostate cancer. It is used in women to treat certain breast cancers or a certain uterus disorder (endometriosis). 

The worst part, which puts me in quite a dilemma, are the side-effects: lots of weight gain, anxiety and hot flushes. I don’t think is very wise then, for someone who already weighs over 110kg, has a unstable mental illness and over-heats to take suck medication.

Is further weight gain, added anxiety and more heat worth the great possibility of pain relief?… did I mention they are injections that last for 6 months, so “stopping” the treatment isn’t an option.

Oh the dilemma. Someone, please, make this decision easier!

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