“Pain Poem”

feeling trapped
completely hopless

 My eyes open,
I feel the ache
and when they close,
I’ve had no break.
It takes control, I try to fight
but the exhaustion , with its might
     brings me down

 …but I’ll try to overcome
but I won’t let it win

I’ll take courage and I’ll accept
these will be my first steps
as I do my best to learn
and my old life,
                        no longer mourned.

So, this is what I’ll do
relax and meditate,
pacing while I exercise.
I’ll stretch my muscles and my mind –
with courage
                  not fear
So, amongst the pain and struggle,
thankful I’ll still be
for the grace and endless mercies
my Lord has given me.

And as I wander slowly
through a world tainted by sin,
I’m now hopeful for what is to come:
the perfect healing heaven brings.

                                                                                    November 2013

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