The Little Pieces: Endometriosis (re)Defined





Pretty sure the REAL meaning of endometriosis is:
“live in chronic pain until you hit menopause or get yourself a hysterectomy.”
“get your hopes up and have them crushed.”


It’s amazing how one stupid post bring you so far down.
I don’t have a lot going for me…

I’m so sorry this brought you down…The point is, eventually the pain will stop. One day, somehow.

I know…I was just feeling crap, then I reached the endo tag and got about 876458165473 text posts with that main message of “It’s not gonna get better.” I’m really sorry if I made you feel bad, or anything, I shouldn’t have ranted. lesson learned, just cause everyone needs to vent, doesn’t mean there isn’t good too.
One day it’ll change, for both of us. We’ll have our kiddies and ditch this stupid illness and our tumblr rants will be about sticky little kid fingermarks being left on our screens.

Yes, our ranting will move from endometriosis to whining kids, horrible teachers, bad education system and the endless washing 😛 I actually had a good, relatively pain-free day! So there is hope 😀

The Little Pieces: Endometriosis (re)Defined

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