Alexandra Ellen: Laparoscopy



So, I had a laparoscopy nearly 2 weeks ago, with the hope of emerging pain free (after recovery of course). The last one I had gave me 6 months relief, which is what I was expecting this time….

Now, I understand it has only been two weeks, but 6 days ago I was feeling great and thought I was…

While some lucky people get relief from laparoscopies, it’s not a guarantee.  I pain was milder for about 4 months but then I went right back to being in excruciating pain, if not worse than before.  Just keep trying other treatments and hopefully one will work for you. Or you could be like me and try everything available and not get any relief 😦

Thanks, went to the specialists who has basically left me feeling hopeless about it all. Starting gluten free then dairy free diet as recommended by my natropath. Did you try anything like that?
1st laparsocopy was a success, 2nd not so much 😦

Alexandra Ellen: Laparoscopy

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