So, I had a laparoscopy nearly 2 weeks ago, with the hope of emerging pain free (after recovery of course). The last one I had gave me 6 months relief, which is what I was expecting this time…. 

Now, I understand it has only been two weeks, but 6 days ago I was feeling great and thought I was cured from this wretched chronic pain. Unfortunately, after Friday, the pain has escalated, and it’s agony. Only by the grace if God have I been able to type this after completing hours of work.

So, what now? Wait with hope that next week will be better? Begin planning to make extra adjustments in my life that I was avoiding, in case the surgery worked?

On top of this I need to now manage another diagnosis, which came to light a few weeks ago… but more on that next time.

The moral of this blog: endometriosis is unpredictable, unrelenting and uncontrollable. On the plus side, I continue to rely on Jesus to get through life every day, literally.

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