The Weight Loss Begins

A week ago I had my second visit to the gym trainer. I’d lost 3.1kg in a month – which, considering the rate I’ve put on weight over the last 2 years, I am pretty stoked. I must confess, my tummy hasn’t really changed, but my legs and butt have shrunk! All my pants “look” like they are hanging off me! I love optical illusions!

How you may ask?
1) Convenience – I invested in Lite’n’Easy, which means I eat a healthy/balanced diet by literally putting food in the microwave and eating. It’s great! I also allow myself to indulge occasionally 🙂 I also go to a gym that’s really close 🙂

2) Good pain killers – I have finally started taking a decent dose of a decent pain killer, making walking and other exercises less painful.

3) Routine – I have been going to the gym. I nearly gave up after the first couple of times, as it left me in excruciating pain and barely able to move… but after some good advice I only do 20 mins (10 on the arm thing, 5 on the bike and 5 on the treadmill and cross-trainer) of exercise and even though it’s not much, it’s regular. It has made a huge difference!

4) Support/Encouragement – relying on Christ strength and his love for me has given me a new motivation to break the hold Endo has had on my life. The support and encouagement of my family and friends have kept me going too; it’s nice when they say, “hey, you’ve lost weight!” *SCORE*!

5) Rest – if I am in too much pain to exercise, I don’t. If I need to sleep, I do and I don’t beat myself up over it!… well, I try really, really hard not to!

Yippie! Wanted to share as I say “screw you endo – you can’t control my life any more.”

Ps. There are and will continue to be days where I fail miserably – but again, I know I have unconditional love and forgiveness to get me through!

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