Living with Endometriosis

This is the first time I have really blogged about having endometriosis (or, endo). Part of me isn’t sure what to say. I want to create understanding and awareness. It’s one of those odd medical conditions that you don’t really hear about until you, or someone you know has it… in saying that it’s actually very common.

Approximately 5-20% women of “child bearing” age have endo of some sort. That’s a really wide range you may say, that’s because It’s almost invisible. You can’t be diagnosed with endo through an ultrasound, x-ray, CT-scan, etc. It can only been seen through a laperoscopy – minor, keyhole surgery.

But, other than extremely painful – what is it?
Endo is basically when cells from or lining of the uterus is found outside of the womb (but still inside the body). It’s kind of like an internal bleeding and then the “enometrial tissue” continues to grow. It attaches itself to other organs, like your bowel, kidney, tubes, etc.

Some days, it’s debilitating, most other days it’s just extremely, painfully annoying and an inconvenience. I can’t stand for long period of time, let alone walk long distances. The “vigorous” exercise I am continually prescribed, if I manage to do it, leaves me in a messy ball for the remainder of the night and sometimes the next day.

I’m going to leave it here, with more to come. I think blogging is more for me, but I pray as you read my experience, you may grow in your understanding and empathy. Not for me, but for the other women (and their families) you will meet who have to suffer through endo.

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