Trip Relection Time #3

What site made the most significant impact and why?

Theologically and in regards to ministry – Corinth, Ephesus, Philippi and the three churches in the Lycus River Valley equally impacted my life. They enhanced my understanding of the scriptures and will help me to better teach the New Testament to young people.

However, I have to say the site that made the most significant impact was not a “Biblical site,” but the Treasury at the Topkapı Palace Museum. It was our second last full day and we were all tired. I didn’t want to see another museum or walk around for a couple of hours. Despite this, I walked around with Matthew and Christine when I received a beautiful revelation.

We were walking around the grand jewels, the treasury of the Sultans Palace. Before us was a giant diamond, embedded in gold. It turns out it was found in the dump and sold for three spoons. It was then taken to the Sultan where the true value of the jewel was found after it had been cleaned and polished.  As such it is now called the Spoonmaker’s Diamond.

As I walked past this pendant and the other jewels on display I grew an overwhelming sense of God’s love for me. What I was seeing were some of the most precious and valuable things in all of turkey – yet I was more precious than these to my Heavenly Father. This is something I have “known,” but never understood or believed. It was a beautiful moment and I know I will need to remind myself of this continually.

She is worth far more than rubies – Psalm 31:10b

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