Trip Reflection Time #2

Significant thing God has revealed to me #2

God wants me to have fellowship and I can. Since moving to Sydney for Bible College this has been lacking greatly in my life.

The first week I was disheartened at the lack of community, however after the afternoon in the ancient healing site of Asklepion this changed for the remainder of the trip. The waters and site of Asklepion believed to have special healing properties. It would bring many sick people from around the country who wanted physical healing.

Ironically, some of the older men felt called to pray for me at this site. I had a bad cold for the last few days and was struggling to breath. This was on top of the pelvic pain I have been experiencing. During the moment of prayer, I began to feel connected with these people and during conversation after, many had felt the same. Through prayer, unity was built and true fellowship amongst the group begun.

After this in the Theatre at the same site; a group of Korean students sung from the stage as us (out of tune) Aussies listened and joined in. The site came to life as the perfect harmonies, praising Jesus echoed through the ancient amphitheatre.  We all joined in, praising our amazing God; our saviour and lord.

The prayer for my healing along with the singing in the theatre created a spiritual shift and unity amongst us. The love and support that flowed from my brothers and sisters has touched and changed me. God wants me to enjoy friendship and community with his family.

God worked though their love and support in order to reveal to me how precious I am to him.

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