Trip Reflection Time #1

Significant thing God has revealed to me #1

God is my strength. I cannot believe I accomplished what I did. A couple of days were almost pain free and for many I was in agony – either way I had the strength of Christ keeping me going.

He is the only reason I could see what I saw and experience what I did. He is the strength in my weakness. I have a greater trust in him and his ability and willingness to carry me through pain, sickness, loneliness and depression.

I climbed 200 stairs to visit a monastery, trekked up numerous large hills to reach the acropolises of many cities and walked thousands of steps in archaeological sites and towns to follow in the footsteps of Paul. And I did it all with a smile (most of the time!).

I could not have done any of this if it weren’t for God- the Father, Son AND the Holy Spirit.

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