United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Dubai is a crazy city. It is entertaining. It is big. It is spacious. It is incredible and indescribable. No word or photo can capture the essence of Dubai.

I have, yet again, been mind-blown. Everything here has to be the biggest and the best. The buildings are architecturally phenomenal – practical, unique and creative. The city skyline is nothing like Sydney; everything is spread out and nothing feels cramped. Dubai is nothing I expected – there is great freedom here and I feel so safe. There are security guards and police on every corner and everyone tends to keep to themselves. Even walking through the spice, gold and textile Souks I felt comfortable and at ease.

1.8 million people live here and it is obvious how small the population is compared to the large area of land the city is spread over. I have not once felt overwhelmed by too many people, unlike in Istanbul or Athens. The Souks, the Big Bus tour, going to level 124 (the viewing platform) of Burk Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and experiencing a meal at the Rainforest Café has all been such an incredible opportunity and blessing.

I am sure I will look forward to returning to Dubai one day. There are so many attractions and so little time. I hope Glen and I can come here and experience the Aqua Adventure Park and Atlantis on the Palm, the Indoor “Ski Dubai” at Emirates Mall, Wild Wadi Water Park and the public beach in Jumeirah, Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo and the rides at Sega Republic in The Dubai Mall and Creek Park. There is so much to cover and so little time, yet Shelly and I feel as if we have already done so much!

It is such a blessing to be here and I would recommend for anyone who has a stopover in Dubai to extend it! It is worth it!

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