Turkey – Istanbul

Istanbul is busy. 17 million people are cramped into such a relatively small space. Part of the culture is the street venders. Walking down the streets of the city, one is continually bombarded (some say harassed) with words of encouragement to buy their product.

But I loved Istanbul, particularly in comparison to Athens. It was crazy hectic and fast-paced but felt much safer to Athens. The city also felt a lot cleaner and easier to get around. The Bazzar was a unique experienced and managed to barter for a leather bound note book from 90TL to 45TL. I thought it was a good attempt for my first try.

Going to the Topkapı Palace Museum was a blessing in disguise, but I will share more on this at a later date. On a more entertaining note; I sang Aladdin’s “Whole New World” in the Sultan’s living room. Yeah!

Istanbul was amazing. I loved the city; everyone was so friendly and it was vibrant and alive. I loved the whole Western side of Turkey – it was beautiful I hope I can return soon (which, two weeks ago I would have never said)!

Fellowship during the trip enhanced my experience of Istanbul. By this stage we had spent two weeks together and the Holy Spirit had been building friendships and bonds. I felt so united with and so much love for these amazing, godly and special people during the last three days of the tour.

I feel that the unity, prayer, encouragement and support of fellow Christians on the tour made this trip as life changing, special and amazing as it was.

That being said; I think I have caught the travel bug!

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