April 11th – 15th

It is day ten following Paul and the early church. I am going to reflect on the last five days in Turkey via “Facts” (Ref: Matthew Wallace, aka Mr Wiki).

Fact 1: I miss my husband. I wish he was here experiencing this with me.

Fact 2: My camera has taken 4018 photos, courtesy of Miss Shelly and myself.

Fact 3: I am sick and tired of the oil filled food the Turks seem to enjoy. Their desserts are also a disgrace and are drowned in flavourless (or badly spiced) syrup.

Fact 4: As a result of Fact 3, all I want for one meal is an entre of garlic bread, followed by a rump steak cooked medium with a side of mash potato, corn and cauliflower and the grand finale of vanilla bean ice-cream with a drizzle of chocolate topping, sprinkles, sliced banana and strawberries.

Fact 5: I am saddened by how easily and willingly people rip you off. This is especially true when converting Euro’s to Turkish Lira and vice versa.

Fact 6: As wonderful, eye-opening and exciting as this adventure has been, at the moment I don’t feel the “travel-bug” I expected to feel. This may come after I return to Aus, but if anything, this trip has inspired me to travel and explore Australia.

Fact 7: Our Turkish bus driver is a maniac!

Fact 8: God is glorified through his stunning and mind blowing creation here. I have preferred the scenery and countryside of Turkey compared to Greece. It is so lush with beautiful fruit and have noticed the vast variety of beautiful flora.

Fact 9: Saw my first squirrel! Pretty sure this made the site of Troy bearable. Included in the Fauna category of animals to mention is three tortoises (AMAZE-BALLS) 100’s of snails along the walking track at Hierapolis and mad-as lizards in Laodicea. But the squirrel was the best!

Fact 10: Jesus has been abundant in his provision and blessings. Answered prayers, giving physical strength to the weak, teaching us, speaking to us and creating a wonderful atmosphere of fellowship is just the tip of the ice-berg. 

Five days left before another 6 nights in Dubai. Then I can go home. Looking forward to what’s in store for the next 10 days. I am getting excited about half way mark so I can go home, hug my husband and see my little kiddlets again!!

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD. – Psalm 150:6

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