April 7th-9th

Greece wasn’t what I expected. This was what ran through my mind the last two days. However, after travelling through the Greek countryside, I can safely say that it is the beautiful country I expected it to be.

Athens isn’t what I expected. As we drove in our coach from the airport I was amazed by the huge city. The houses are close together – the city is compact. Sadly it is covered in graffiti, is unmaintained and run down. Pick-pockets are everywhere and crime is rampant. There are police on every corner. The city is full of illegal immigrants who are homeless and trying to stay alive.

My heart broke as I saw two families within 100 metres of each other begging for money. They had small children and a new born. Further up the street were syringes and people shooting up on the side of the street. Campbelltown doesn’t seem to bad.

Athens certainly wasn’t what I expected. Nothing like the beautiful city terraces you see in the movies.

On the other hand – the acropolis was magnificent. The Greeks had great passion, love, respect and reverence for their gods. They built the most incredible, intricate and well thought out temples which have lasted for centuries.

The city library, university and parliament house shared the same beauty. The statues and pillars have elaborate detail, which I cannot even comprehend creating.

This awe carried on this morning as we travelled north to the countryside. Snow-capped mountains, the Aegean Sea, rolling hills and flourishing farms seemed to never end. Gods glory, majesty and creativity was undeniable – and he created it all for us, his beloved children to enjoy.

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