I have been trying to research endometriosis.

I was diagnosed. After an explorative laperoscopy that proceeded six months of chronic pain I was diagnosed with endometriosis. At first I was quite positive and it seemed that once the legions had been removed, I should be alright for at least a few years. Unfortunately, not even seven months after surgery the pain returned. I am fortunate the intensity and occurrences are slowly increasing and not nearly at the rate of last year.

I am scared. A visit to one of the “best” specialists in Sydney was informative, assuring and depressing. Everything I am doing in terms of contraception/condition management is right and I understand the illness much better than my (lame and horrid) surgeon ever tried to. But there is nothing else they can do medically to help with managing the condition and pain management. Thankfully, pregnancy can help the condition; so I can have that to look forward to.

I am uneasy. In five weeks I leave for a three week trip around Greece, Turkey and Dubai with Bible College. Physical activity triggers and worsens the pain and there will be a lot of walking around the sites while I am away.

I have been looking at numerous websites and calling around pain management clinics. Nothing yet – or, should I say, nothing affordable and financially sustainable. I believe it will happen eventually, but would prefer some pain management skills before I leave. I am praying that I will.

There is more information on endometriosis here:

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